Plan a Saronic Gulf Sailing Adventure

With so many Greek islands arranging a sailing trip here could be more difficult than you think.


One of the choices, the chance to sail round the Saronic Gulf that is wonderful stands out as being particularly tempting, however.


The typical starting point for a sailing trip of this type is Athens, as the Greek capital is only a short sail away from the first stops in this region.


Perhaps the most obvious place to sail to from Athens is Methana, which is located on a dramatic peninsula filled with volcanoes. The mountainous backdrop and the deep blue waters make this a stunning setting for the first few days of your sailing adventure. As with most of this part of the world, Methana is also filled with lots of history and archaeological wonders. If you are interested in finding traces of ancient civilisations then this is a perfect place to get started.


You will be led by another day’s value of sailing to the favorite Saronic island of Hydra. This laidback sailing destination becomes packed in the weekend, as people marvel in the lack of any visitors and soak up the air.  Have a trip that is donkey around this car-free island and taking a look at the older architecture makes for a distinctive and memorable experience. Hydra is widely considered as one of the greatest sailing holidays in Greece and is definitely somewhere to consider if you’re planning a ship charter.

Plan a Saronic Gulf Sailing Adventure

If you venture deeper into the Saronic Gulf then you are likely to end up reaching the delightful island of Poros, which is actually made up of 2 separate islands connected by a bridge. You could even choose to start your trip from here, by making the short ferry trip from Athens to Poros. The rich vegetation and the varied architecture combine to make this a fascinating spot to explore. This is a place where history and myths collide, with the likes of the Sanctuary of Poseidon waiting for you to discover it.

No matter how you choose to explore the Saronic Gulf on a boat, you will discover a world of excitement and some great memories to take home with you.


Plan a Saronic Gulf Sailing Adventure