VIDEO Things to See and Do in Stara Zagora

Join David’s Been Here since they research all of the top sites and finest destinations of Bulgaria. Into central Bulgaria, David brings us in this movie where we are taken on a complete tour of the town of Stara Zagora. Beginning at the Temple Dwelling Museum, now we get a glimpse of Europe dwellings from over 8,000 years ago, followed by a more recent historic tour of the Defenders of Stara Zagora Memorial Complex. If these two sites intrigued you then you will love Stara Zagora’s Museum of Religions, 3rd century Roman Mosaics and the Regional History Museum- some of the best cultural stops in the country. Top your Stara Zagora visit off where you tour and are able to taste some of the very greatest beer in Eastern Europe. A town of just over 200,000, you will love the quaint, eclectic sense to this culturally saturated city in Bulgaria.

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