Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Together the Musi River in the southern Indian state of Telangana is the city of Hyderabad.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

With a rich history that goes back to 1591 and includes eras of principle by the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, the Mughals, the Nizams of Hyderabad, as well as also the British Raj, the city is a gold mine to history fans. Blend its heritage with cultural attractions and its world-famous cuisine and you will find there are scores of things do and to see in Hyderabad.


Though this is a city that has a great deal to offer curious travelers, it’s also so big that it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options. That is why we have compiled a list of sites to go to, restaurants and things to do if you are a history addict, a foodie, a civilization lover, or all three. All these are the top 10 things to see and do in Hyderabad, India.

Have Biscuits and Irani Chai in Nimrah Café and Bakery

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

No trip to Hyderabad is complete without a trip. There, you will find Charminar, mosque and a monument that was built in 1591. The building is a gorgeous example of Indo-Islamic structure and is well known for four minarets that are fluted and its four brilliant arches. It is recorded as an treasure by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Try the Dosa in Hyderabad

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

It costs 300 rupees for thieves and Charminar, and it is ten times the entrance fee for sailors to visit. As soon as you emerge on a balcony overlooking the city and climb the narrow, twisting staircases, the price is more than worth it. The balcony provides a view of much the city, such as the four gates that mark the entrances.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Visit Necklace Road and Also the Buddha Statue of Hyderabad

From the balcony, you can admire the unbelievable architecture and even spot writing on the walls of this atrium. Visiting Charminar is without any question, among the highest things to see and do in Hyderabad, if you like history!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Eat Dosas in Ram Ki Bandi

You’re bound to burn many calories as you research the Old Town in the world of Hyderabad. Luckily, there’s a fantastic spot between Charminar and Makkah Masjid that’s sure meet your taste buds if you will require a bite: Nimrah Café and Bakery. Since it opened in 1993, this awesome establishment has been offering yummy treats to Hyderabadi traffic and citizens.

Stop by a Flower Market

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Nimrah Café and Bakery is famous. There are scores of types available on the menu. Of them all, their Osmania biscuit appears to be the most famous, but I highly suggest the rich and sweet coconut with biscuit and also the flaky and crumby chocolate-cashew biscuit.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Visit Golconda Fort

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Eat Exotic Southern Indian Food in Uluvacharu Restaurant

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Order a number of Bakery’s milky, frothy and Nimrah Café, and flavorful Irani chai and dip the biscuits for a memorable flavor mix into it. This tea is like any other I have ever needed and is currently bursting with notes of cinnamon and ginger. It’s no wonder is among the greatest things to see and do in Hyderabad!

Eat Real Hyderabadi Biryani in Paradise Restaurant

If you are traveling through Hyderabad with family or many friends, or if you like handling foods such as I do, then do not miss out on trying the greatest dosa in town. Even a two-and-a-half-foot-long rice and black gram Indian pancake is seen in Chutneys Restaurant in the Jubilee Hills area. It’s so large, it designed to share for five to six people!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Have a Southern Indian Breakfast in Minerva Coffee Shop

There are dipping options, although Just like most types of dosa, it had been served with a nutty and earthy sambar, which is a broth. I highly suggest the flavorful and sweet coconut chutney and the peanut chutney. They’re both out of this world.

The green chili and ginger chutney packs a gingery punch that is genuine, whereas the chili using ginger has been had a tomato foundation throughout. It’s the Indian veg feast! Allow me to know just how much you managed to eat if you have experienced this monster dosa earlier!

BONUS: Eat a Southern Indian Thali

One place all traffic to Hyderabad should split some time is Necklace Road, that is named after a road of the same title in Mumbai’s Marine Drive. The area is loaded with recreational facilities restaurants, and plazas, and there are lots of parks nearby also.

However, the area attraction is the Buddha Statue of Hyderabad, that stands to Gibraltar Rock in the center of the lake.

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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

The statue stands 58 feet tall and is the world’s biggest monolith of Gautama Buddha. The Buddha came to rest on Gibraltar Rock two decades following a collision during its transportation, which caused the statue falling over and killing ten people.

Today, visitors can cover 20 rupees to ride a ferry to the island and admire it up close. This massive Buddha statue is gorgeous and has plenty of intricate carvings around its foundation. Seeing this particular statue up close is among the greatest things to see and do in Hyderabad.

I suggest checking out the food stalls round Necklace Road Once you return from Hyderabad’s Buddha Statue.

A stall is there that sells an equally tasty samosa chaat, both of which comprised chickpeas, onions and an incredible papdi chaat. Trying them is a terrific way to end your Necklace Road experience!

Early risers seeing with Hyderabad are remiss if they have breakfast in Ram Ki Bandi and did not take advantage of their start to the afternoon. This mythical street food booth in Nampally opens at 3 a.m. and is only open until 8 a.m., but regardless of the morning, it’s a very popular stop among locals and tourists alike. As soon as you try it’s not tough to comprehend why people go for their dosas!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Make it their own pizza dosa if you only try something in Ram Ki Bandi. Unlike most dosas, that are often served with sambar and a potato mash, conventional pizza toppings are contained by this dosa and includes dripping with melted cheese. It is a magnificent, hot way to begin your day, and with helps calm the warmth down.

Should you have room on your belly afterward, try out the Chinese-inspired Szechwan lotion dosa, which contains onion, cilantro, and mouthwatering ingredients and is sweeter and spicy.

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Round your dosa breakfast out together using the Palak Paneer dosa that is awesome, or choose one of their types of idli, that is a soft rice cake that also contains lentils. Try the variety with herbs, spices, cheese, and paneer, as well as the conventional version with Ram Ki Bandi coconut chutney.

Each dish there’s a -makes breakfast in Ram Ki Bandi and miss one of the highest things to see and do in Hyderabad!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Among the greatest things you can do in Hyderabad is visit one of the flower markets of the city. I had the joy of going to the city. Diwali has been celebrated in the time, and because of that, I managed to see purchase a lot of different kinds of flowers in preparation. The market was packed!

As with most markets in India, be prepared for a wild flurry of activity on you once you go to with a flower market, particularly. As you make my way down the crowded, narrow alleys of this current marketplace, check out sellers preparing beautiful blossoms veggies, and a lot more for their clients.

It may be tough to pay attention to a single thing at a time thanks to all of the action around you! It’s an assault on the senses to sure, but is also an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

History buffs visiting Hyderabad will have a blast visiting Golconda Fort, that had modest beginnings as a mud fort approximately 1143. According to legend, a idol was discovered by a boy in the area in this season.

The king of this Kakatiya Dynasty arranged a mud fort to be built around the site when he learned about this, and bigger grew and became much more complex.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Golconda Fort is actually a complex that’s made up of four smaller temples and boasts 87 bastions and a 10-kilometer-long outer wall. The fort is noted for also the world-famous Hope Diamond in its walls and home the Koh-i-Noor Diamond. The Nessak Diamond, as well as both diamonds, were found in the region throughout the fort.

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Just take some time to visit stables, which was used to house animals such as dinosaurs and the fort’s main gate. Where you will locate the Sri Mahakali Temple then create the hike up the 360 measures for the best.

There you will also find a lookout point where it is possible to observe all of Hyderabad spread out below you. Don’t overlook the boulders in the temple area, which can be covered in elaborate and lovely paintings of Hindu deities. This really is if you are a history enthusiast like me on!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

As a foodie that has eaten dishes all over the world, once I learned in Uluvacharu Restaurant about the exotic Southern offerings, ” I did not hesitate to go out there and test it out on my own. I’m glad I did, as if I hadn’t, I would have missed out on one of my favorite food experiences.

This restaurant operates with the goal of reinventing recipes. At precisely the identical time, they aim to deliver unique, and original dishes together under a single roof. They also need to keep dishes that were prepared with their own ancestors alive for future and current generations.

They do it by serving dishes such as their smoky Korameenu Tandoori Fish, that contains spices and masala and is served with a mint chutney. Peppery Bangla Kodi and their crispy, that is potato-wrapped chicken masala nuggets, is also wonderful.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

There is also a chicken dish called a vegetable kebab called Pandu Marayapaka Kona Seema Kodi Vepudu, and four pulaos. The Matka Mamsam Pulao, Among them, contained the buttery and tender lamb I have ever eaten in my life.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

Among my favorite items on the menu in Uluvacharu Restaurant were that the Royyala Vepudu, that can be hot river prawns with masala, cilantro, and green chilies; and the mind-blowing bamboo chicken, which is made up of bits of raw poultry which are cooked inside bamboo shoots using masala spices.

The bamboo flavor had my palate craving much more and also permeates the chicken! Trust me, even if you are heading into Hyderabad, you want to take 1 night to have dinner in Uluvacharu. There is little doubt in my head that it’s among the things you need to see and do in Hyderabad. Each dish is a home run!

The city of Hyderabad is synonymous with biryani, a rice dish that’s extremely popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. Among the greatest places in town to attempt Hyderabadi biryani is Paradise Restaurant in HITEC City.

I had the joy of trying four distinct types of biryani in Paradise Restaurant and every one had been sensational textures in my mouth and an explosion of tastes that are mind boggling.

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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

The mix of rice within their mutton biryani was the mutton, and fantastic. The mutton bones were stuffed with yummy marrow that added a surprising new layer of flavor!

Their chicken biryani had a beautiful flavor I couldn’t get enough of and is also tender and thoroughly cooked. Paradise Restaurant serves a stunning egg biryani containing a poached egg, which went well with the rice and Indian spices.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

However, my biryani, and also the one I recommend the all, is the veg biryani. This biryani contains beans, legumes, and a flavorful Indian cottage cheese called paneer. The combination of this paneer with the ricecurry, vegetables, and spices has been degree. This is a dish that must be eaten to truly know how heavenly it’s. If you only order something in Paradise Restaurant, this is. It makes dinner in Paradise Restaurant one of the highest things to see and do in Hyderabad!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

There are a lot of spots that are incredible to acquire veg dishes however few of them compare to the Indian fare that’s being offered in Minerva Coffee Shop. This restaurant has been serving well rounded and flavorful southern Indian cuisine since 1987, and I immediately realized why so many people recommended it, after I had breakfast there.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

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There is no way to truly go wrong with any item on their menu, however I highly suggest ordering a form of salty, the vada , fried doughnut. This generation has a soft inside and is served with sambar, chutney, and a spicy ginger chutney. Additionally you must try out also the puris as well as the polenta-like upma with various vegetable curries.

Another star on the menu would be that the uttapam, a pancake that contains curry leaves, onions, cashews, and carrot. Dip it in the curries and chutneys provided and observe your taste buds sing! Don’t miss out on this breakfast. It’s undoubtedly among the greatest things to see and do in Hyderabad!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Hyderabad, India

I suggest trying a thali, when traveling through India. A thali is really a platter that has a great deal of different Indian dishes, as well as rice, a number of bread, or both, based on which portion of the country you are in. The best spot to try out an authentic Indian thali is Taj Mahal Restaurant when you visit Hyderabad.

Southern Indian thalis are mostly rice-based and you eat them therefore be prepared to receive your hands messy. I had never eaten rice with my hands before, however I truly believe eating with your hands makes your food taste better dig in , after having done it a few times since then!

It is staggering how fantastic this thali really is. Each experience was more flavorful to attempting the fried onion as well as the puris using a mixture of nuts, cabbage, and spinach By mixing the dal and rice together with my palms. This thali came with a wonderful tomato rasam, that is unreal when it’s eaten using a thin flatbread called papad.

One of my favourite elements of this thali was a curry that contained green beans, carrots, and peppers, that was among the best curries I had ever hand. Another highlight was that the vada that has been soaked in a curd. This one was exceptional, although I don’t enjoy curd! When you visit Hyderabad, you need to try!

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There is a reason the southern Indian city of Hyderabad is this a popular tourist destination. With a rich history that could be explored in its temples and a cuisine that’s both conventional and innovative, there is much to see and do in this city. Reserve a trip to Hyderabad today to experience it!

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