Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

With Jon Barr of Here , we talk Within this variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts Be Barr, a former sportscaster turned on world traveler. We chat about what motivates him to travel, how a health crisis impacted priorities and his livelihood, traveling hints, and some of his favorite places to see. Check out his destinations where he is going next and discover!

How did your passion for traveling get started?

I did not actually catch the traveling bug til my middle 20’s when I began to decide that living a full time 9-5 existence wasn’t for me. I worked seasonal places because of my career, which made me time to traveling between jobs. And I have not looked back.

You are a former sportscaster. What was the transition from vlogger to traveling like, and how has being a journalist affected your travels?

The transition was easy and difficult, based on what aspect of traveling vlogging we look. I had a good deal of expertise, speaking before a camera, which means that transition was seamless. My background in editing and shooting was minimal.  These were just two skills I needed to pick up on the fly. Possessing a diploma in Journalism has influenced me a lot, as I now know weave facts and the most crucial elements into it and constantly how to tell a story. It is like I’m talking with my viewers/listeners on a sports broadcast only the content is travel related.

How are you traveling in any given year? Which are the sorts of places you like to see?

The last 6-9 months I’ve been”traveling” in my home base of new york. I’ve concentrated a lot of my own attempts on showcasing my house, and its own paid dividends with a lot of subscribers. In years past I used to travel far more often weeks of the year. I am upping my volume of traveling and the second half of 2019 ought to observe some out of New York City.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

You are currently cancer-free two years. First off, congratulations! How did your analysis impact your travels? What advice would you give to travellers that have health-related troubles?

Thanks for the kind words. I believe my entire own life aims, and that the diagnosis, really made me take a step back from my YouTube profession. I was at one stage, too obsessed with attempting to grow my channel. After I got ill, I understood that if people do not watch my movies, or even the vlog isn’t perfect. . There are things that could happen to me personally. That being said, I appreciate things more, and I wish to travel as far as I can because I know that I can not take my good health for granted anymore.

What do you want viewers to obtain and learn from the work?

I wish to teach exactly the identical way to travel that I do. Stay away from tourist traps as far actually to get know a town and appreciate it like a local. I’m also a big fan of pursuits that are quirky/off-beat. Visiting a museum in Las Vegas dedicated to neon signs from casinos would be a prime example.

You Reside in New York City.

What’s the best tip you can give to someone who wants to have a good experience there?

Too much to list in one interview. If we needed to split it down into a short answer… Do not just base your journey on Manhattan, explore this crazy place which has some of the most varied offerings in the world. And do not attempt to do much on a single excursion. I’ve lived here nearly a decade and watch and I have so much to learn.

Which are?

In no specific order: Mexico, Thailand, and Malta.

Give us a’Top 5′ record for a few of the best 3 destinations. Like even some to-do list of types or a mini-guide. It may be anything from your favorite resort, best place to have lunch, best sightseeing, etc..

Top 5  Mexico:

How many countries have you visited up to now?

1) See the Mayan ruins/cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula

Which are the top 3 favorite cuisines?

2) Eat the incredible Street Food of Mexico City

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

What’s your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish would you advocate?

3) Spend the night in a Puebla Magico.

. Any Puebla Magico. (Bonus for Mazamitla)

What’s your traveling movie?

4) Go to just one Mexican Soccer Game

What’s your favorite international airport?

5) Investigate the amazing jungles/rivers of all Huasteca Potosina.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

Which city had the friendliest people?

33, according to my Instagram profile.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

Who’s your traveling companion?

I will get to go with some thing in NYC.  Let us state the Nonna Maria Slice at Bleecker Street Pizza. The Tacos in San Taco in Mexico City are a close second.

What’s the best method to kill time while traveling?

Not Hostel, hahaa.

. I will go with the Hangover since it’s a humor and they did traveling.

What’s the most exotic location your livelihood has taken you?

I will answer when you land viewing the huge cityscape from far away is extraordinary and Mexico City because I have access to many diverse lounges inside of there.

What’s your very best bit of traveling advice for somebody who would like to, or is about to, embark on a lifetime of traveling?

Merida, Mexico.

What are without?

My wife !

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

Answering YouTube/Instagram comments.

What’s your traveling quotation?

Wow, terrific question. . The most exotic place I vlogged was from Huasteca Potosina, Mexico’s jungles.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

Where are you headed next?

Do not plan every step. Leave some matters open to opportunity.


My vlogging camera, a small carry-on suitcase, my Brevite back pack, and my spouse (unless it’s a hiking excursion ).


“Don’t follow where the path may lead. Go instead where There Isn’t Any path and leave a trail” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Orleans, LA for the friends bachelor party. . But likely to make at least 1 Vlog out there!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr

I’m Jon Barr, traveling vlogger turned. If you’re looking amazingly informative videos filled with helpful travel suggestions, for waste no-time, you’ve come to the ideal location! My vlogs are created for the savvy traveler. Follow along to learn all of my travel tips, hints, tricks, and secrets. Connect with Jon on Instagram, his YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jon Barr of This Be Barr