The Best Storage Solutions to Creative Media and Digital Content

I frequently have asked my opinion regarding the very best storage solutions for content and websites so I put this informative article together at the end with a bonus giveaway! The reality is it’s been a trial and error procedure over the previous ten decades, trying out several diverse kinds of hard drives.

I found out the hard way (after shedding footage, photos and documents due to cheap collapsed drives) which in the end, you get exactly what you pay for. Creatives like myself should invest in quality storage solutions that are good to prevent disastrous consequences.


The Best Storage Solutions to Creative Media and Digital Content

I started back in 2007, and have since gathered a couple dozen terabytes of articles from 60+ countries. This includes back-ups of my emails and personal computer files, footage contracts. I began using several 1TB external drives labeled”Spain,””Switzerland,” etc.

It became evident that it was not feasible to have those drives. I needed to back up my job, that meant that I would have needed to invest in pushes. There was an easier way.

That’s when I discovered Drobo.

It is the most easy way to condense your media into one area. Here’s a fantastic read-up of how Drobo functions. It is essentially a machine which holds hard drives and keeps your data secure using their technology. It is possible to insert any kind of driveway you want, whether it’s a two TB or 10 TB. Every Drobo has bays (slots) for a specific number of drives.

The Drobo 5D is the one that I use. It’s Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity in precisely the identical box, which means I can move my media quite fast. It comes with a battery backup protector, so the Drobo stays alive long enough for the data making sure my data is protected when I lose energy. The battery recharges itself also is designed to last for the life of the product. Aren’t convinced? Have a look at this article regarding the five reasons why you should use a Drobo.

If you’re really trying to safeguard your data, get a Drobo as your backup that is designated. I have a second 5D in the home with back-ups of everything if something goes wrong with the one that I have in the office. Fortunately, so far so great!

The Best Storage Solutions to Creative Media and Digital Content

As an example, I urge Seagate IronWolf internal hard drives. They are tough, scalable and ready , plus they are optimized to work with Drobos. They arrive in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 7TB, 8TB and 10TB. If you wish to begin with loads of storage, get two 10TB drives and abandon the other three bays in your Drobo vacant.

And because I am still traveling, I need to take along drives to backup my own work. I trust my material to LaCie drives that are professional. These drives are designed to go anywhere. They are shed, shock and water resistant plus they offer Thunderbolt connectivity so your data can be transferred and get by you quickly. They are compatible with both PC and Macs.

If you’re shooting in 4K, I would suggest a LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C 5TB. Videographers photographers and writers would just need a a LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB. When I travel, I take along two rocky external drives as a way to replicate my job (can you tell I am scarred after dropping all of my Dominican Republic articles?!)

The Best Storage Solutions to Creative Media and Digital Content

So those are the things I believe are the very best storage solutions for media and content. Now for the GIVEAWAY! I’ve partnered with LaCie to give away a Rugged 2TB driveway appreciated at $199.95 as a big thank you for reading this article and being a lover of David’s Been Here! A winner will be picked randomly and announced the week of April 2017.

The Best Storage Solutions to Creative Media and Digital Content

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For all those of you looking to produce your very own studio here are some pieces of gear I recommend.

I partnered for this Report with Seagate Drobo and LaCie.

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